Bee Bee Hiong, The Federal Yong Tau Foo

THE "ORIGINAL" Federal Yong Tau Foo had been in operation since 1970 with the name of Bee Bee Hiong by late Mr. Goh, who is the father of Ah Cheng Yong Tau Foo (2nd generation). Bee Bee Hiong was started out as a small stall at City Park, Jalan Bunga Raya (Federal Cinema) where it had witnessed the great flood in Melaka. Over the years, Goh developed and perfected his own recipe of yong tau foo and made it his signature dish. Bee Bee Hiong became highly popular yong tau foo stall that replica watches spots an almost never ending queue from the time it starts it's business. Due to relocation project of state government, Bee Bee Hiong has now be relocated to Bukit Piatu.